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Home of Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
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Salem Tourism – Top Tourist Places in Salem, Tamil Nadu


Are you planning a romantic or family getaway in a serene environment flourishing with Indian culture and heritage? If the thought of visiting a destination that blends nature and rich history appeals to you, then think no further than Salem, Tamil Nadu in India.

A trip to this destination will easily open up your eyes to the reality of the famous kings and kingdoms that ruled South India, as this is well accentuated by monuments and temples that stand tall all over the district.

However, there is more than just the cultural heritage that would make any tourist want to explore Salem,Tamil Nadu. We have therefore assembled the top 10 places to visit in Salem with a view to making your trip there an experience to remember.

1. Yercaud Hills

Among the popular hill stations of Tamil Nadu is Yercaud, situated at a distance of 22 kilometers from the city of Salem. Rising to an altitude of 1515 degrees above the sea level, these hills constitute a part of the Servarayan Range in the Eastern Ghats.

Among the sites to see include orange groves, coffee plantations and an orchidarium which is run by the Botanical Survey of India. The hills are home to the Murugar group of temples and the highest point of the hills is the site of the Servarayan Temple. There is also a nearby lake famous for boating and also for its scenic gardens.

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History of Salem, Tamil Nadu

Indian culture and heritage is something that is a pride to each and every citizen of India. Both North and South India have equal weight in posing their history and culture. There have been so many famous kings and their kingdoms that have ruled South India. They have built so many temples and historically important monuments. These monuments speak for itself the prosperity and the richness of the respective kingdoms.

avvaiyarSince it’s the focus is about the history of South India with a special focus on Salem, we have to remember that there have been many districts that were once together and have been divided and named differently in the present. When it is about the kings of south India there are three very famous kings whose name will always be mentioned, the Chera, the Cholas and the Pandiyas.

The Chera ruled most part of Tamilnadu till 18th century. Salem, an important district in Tamilnadu, South India also was under the rule of the Chera.

These kings, of ancient Tamilnadu, were called as the Kurunila Mannargal. In the ancient inscriptions Salem was referred to by many names like cheralam (the Chera rule), sailam and shalya.

The city was surrounded by hills on all the sides, Nagarmalai to its north, Godumalai to its east, kanajanamalai to its west and Jeragamalai to its south. The kings who ruled Salem built many temples and great forts. The Salem district proudly calls itself the birthplace of poem and writing as it is the birth place of the very well known and renowned poetess Avvaiyar.

She was a very famous poetess and her songs are still fresh and very devotional. She was a staunch devotee of lord Shiva and lord Muruga and has written many songs on different deities. This is a very big credit to the history of Salem. [click to continue…]


Beautiful Photo of Salem’s Diwali Celebrations

The city of Salem, Tamil Nadu celebrated Diwali today – the festival of lights. A beautiful picture of the celebrations has been captured by Gowrishankar. This picture says a 1000 words!



Matriculation Schools in Salem, Tamil Nadu

Salem district has many features that make it a geologist’s paradise. The district has developed a great deal in its educational fulfillment. Education means the overall development of a child and not just the academics. Salem has lots of very well reputed colleges and schools. There are good matriculation schools that lay a good foundation in a child’s life. The facilities are at par with any other central board schools and the faculties and administration strive to give the best results.


Now follows a list of the most popular and standard matriculation schools in Salem.

1. SRV higher secondary school for Boys and Girls

This school is one of the most highly acclaimed schools in the whole of south India. Situated at a place called Rasipuram near Salem, this school is supposed to give almost 100% results in the secondary and higher secondary board exams. This is possible due to the dedicated faculty and rigorous training given to the students.

2. St John’s Matriculation higher secondary school

Located near New Fairlands, this school is also a very accommodating  and has very good administrators and faculties, thriving hard to create educated individuals. [click to continue…]


Ammapet Kumaragiri Lake being Renovated in Salem

The members of Salem Citizen’s Forum have joined hands to renovate the Kumaragiri lake at Ammapet, Salem. This lake is one of the important lakes of Salem which was neglected for several years. Illegal dumping of wastes, encroachment, blockage of streams that send water to the lake has taken a toll on the lake’s ecosystem and the lake started dying.

The Salem Citizen’s Forum headed by Piyush Manush have already renovated Kannankuruchi lake (aka Mookaneri) which is in the foot hills of Yercaud. It is a great success story of what citizens can do without the help of the government.

mookaneri lake

SCF has spent around Rs.5 Lakh on the renovation of the Kumaragiri lake. The silt is being removed, walking path is getting ready and birds are already calling this lake their home. The following video shows the work that is in progress. [click to continue…]


Salem Railway Station to Salem Bus Stand Route

I noticed that many people are looking for the route from Salem Railway Station to Salem Bus-Stand. This route is the same for Salem bus stand to Salem Railway Junction as well. The distance between them is 3.3 KMs which is just a 7 minute drive. Here’s the map for the same:


From Salem Railway junction to Salem bus stand you can go through 2 different routes. One is through the AVR circle and another one through Thiruvagoundanoor by pass. The same holds true for the reverse route. There are many buses available or you can take an auto rickshaw..


Salem is a great place to live. With abundant water supply from mettur dam, good climate and good people, it is one of the best places to live in. It is not too large of a city and at the same time it is not too small. Salem has all the facilities like 5 star hotels, famous schools, good universities, proper roads, reputed hospitals and so on.

Residential Areas and their Names in Salem

There are many good residential areas in Salem. Some of the popular ones are:

Fairlands: A well established layout in Salem. Perhaps the most premium area. This is located between the road that leads to the bus stand and saradha college road. Has good connectivity to all parts of Salem city. This area is in the heart of the city.

Alagapuram: Alagapuram is the old name for Fairlands. It was established even before fairlands. It is on the left side of Saradha college road on the route to Yercaud.

Hasthampatti: This residential area is situated to the north and north-eastern part of Salem city. This is close to Yercaud road.

Seelanaikenpatti: This area is situated in the south of Salem. It has many residential layouts connected with good roads. Recently there has been a lot of development in this area with flyovers, branded shops and chain stores being opened.

Gorimedu: This is located in the foothills of Yercaud. This is not the most premium area but recently it has witnessed a lot of development.

Salem is the preferred location for many people because it a beautiful city covered by hills and the pollution levels are quite low. There are many good lakes in Salem as well which are being renovated by the Salem Citizen’s Forum which has more than 18,000 members..

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Top 5 Hotels in Salem, Tamil Nadu

South India has got a lot of vibrant and busy states. One such welcoming state is Tamil Nadu. Many important districts come under this state like Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem etc., out of which Salem is one of the very important districts. It has some other major towns like Athur, Omalur and Mettur under it.

Not very big or posh, Salem is in itself a very busy town. With so many attributes to its credit, Salem is one of the most upcoming educational towns as it has so many renowned educational institutions in and around it. A very important credit to Salem is its mangoes, and it is pertinent to mention that the ‘Salem mangoes’ a kind of variety are famous worldwide.

It has other highlights like the steel plant, textiles and sago cultivation. Salem houses very old and historically important mosque and also has a lot of churches and the famous mariamman temple. The climate mostly varies from moderate to dry weather and is very hot during summer. There are amusement parks in the district that is a major tourist attraction. Another feather to its cap is the hill station Yercaud. It is one of the favorite hill stations in south India.

Salem being one of the upcoming Cosmopolitan cities in Tamil Nadu, is also a very friendly place and is a home away from home. Since the advent of many educational institutions, there have been people from all over India and abroad coming over for good educational foundation.  The city has various luxury and very nominal hotel to accommodate various visitors from all over the country. Salem district, being situated in the middle of the state it is a very good transit for people travelling to Chennai, Bangalore or Coimbatore.

1. Hotel Park Plaza

It is one of the famous hotels in Salem, which tops the list of hotels in demand. It is situated very near to the airport and just 15 minutes from the bus stand. Park plaza offers lots of amenities to their visitors at a very nominal rate. They also host a Travel Assistances Desk especially for tourists, which is a very big added advantage to the hotel. Major amenities include spa, play area for children, gym and fitness and swimming pool. Park plaza offers a very satisfactory range of cuisines for their tourists and hosts two restaurants. The Tangerine that offers continental and Chinese cuisine and The Coral restaurant that is a barbecue corner. With its ambience and location park plaza offers a very comfortable stay for its visitors. [click to continue…]